Beyerdynamic T5p Review

Most high-end headphones are best partnered with high-end equipment for the best sound result. As such it’s difficult to find really great sound in mobile headphones and when you do they usually end up being somewhat big and bulky which, obviously, is disadvantageous.

Beyerdynamic’s new T5p headphones prove that where there’s a will there’s a way and provide a truly high-end set of mobile headphones. You get a quality feel the minute you open their aluminum case to unpack the headphones and the ample assortment of accessories, including a carry-bag, airplane adapter and 3.5mm jack.

What Features Do The Beyerdynamic T5p’s Have?

  • High quality closed back around the ear headphones
  • Frequency response – 5-50.000 Hz
  • Impendance – 32 Ohms
  • Loudness – 102 dB
  • Cable – two-way cable connection, cable length 3m
  • Weight without cable – 350g

Beyerdynamic T5p Materials

Slightly heavier than their nearest rivals the T5p’s are very well made from sturdy materials just like their predecessors the T1 and T70. They’re quite snug fitting but that’s necessary given the fact that you’ll be out and about with these on your noggin’ and don’t want them slipping off. The leather used in the Beyerdynamic T5p is high grade, very soft and comfy, as you would expect.

As they’re meant to be used in public they have a close back design which cuts down on sound leakage, which will keep your seat mates happy on the train, and their over-ear design gives them even more noise dampening ability.

T5p Sound

Open back headphones, in our opinion, normally have a bit of an edge to closed-back phones in terms of sound quality, but Beyerdynamic delivers a pair here that made us change our minds. The clarity and transparency were excellent and indeed these are the best closed-back headphones that we’ve seen at this price-point.

If you have the chance to listen to Radiohead’s How To Disappear Completely you’ll find that not only is there enough space for the incredible instrument arrangement of the song but that the vocals have excellent detail and separation.

Upbeat Tunes Sound Best…

You’ll find that the T5p have plenty of bass to spare but the fact is that they favor upbeat, lively tunes more. If you’re looking for a set of headphones that have a softer touch you may want to look at the Shures or possibly the Sennheisers.

They do have a very nice tonal balance and they handle dynamics confidently. That being said where they really shine is the midrange. If you want to know what we mean give Kimbra’s Settle Down a listen and you’ll see that her incredible vocals never sounded better.

The Verdict

The only drawback that we found with these excellent headphones is that they don’t have an in-line mic. The sound is excellent, the build-quality is top-notch and they are very comfortable. Yes they’re a bit pricey but if you’re a fan of great sound and like to take that sound with you wherever you go then we believe these are the cans for you.

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